Classroom Snack Duty Hack: 11 Delish Nut-Free Snack Ideas

Whenever it’s our turn to bring a snack or treat to my daughter’s preschool, I always feel a bit at a loss. The school is nut free, and the food we bring in to share has to be packaged—which means that my usual go-to homemade recipes aren’t an option. Plus, a few of her friends have other food allergies, so I want to include options that all of the kids can enjoy.

To help me remember which store-bought nut allergy approved snacks are our favorites, I’ve put together this list. All of the foods are safe for kids with nut allergies and are approved by little eaters. We like to have a stash of these ready and waiting in the pantry for the inevitable morning that it’s our turn to bring a snack—or for when we have a play date and I’m unsure of whether a friend has an allergy. I like to round these snacks out with kid-size fresh food including clementines, kid-size apples, small bananas, mini cucumbers, carrot chips, and snap peas.


More Snacks for Kids: