I Wish Parents Could Bring Birthday Treats Into The Classroom Again

One of the greatest joys in life is celebrating the day you were born. And if you’re a parent, then celebrating your child’s birthday far exceeds any other day of the year.


Because giving birth is pretty magical. No, it surely doesn’t feel magical, but c’mon… when you see your child, aren’t you just always amazed at how cool and crazy it really is to create and watch a human being grow?! One that you love with way more than just your heart and soul. Your child is an extension of you and your significant other. And remembering the day your child was born, is simply an act of celebrating their life.

And so it makes sense that when your child has a birthday that falls during the week, and they are of school-age, that you as a parent want to make them feel special amongst their peers. Many years ago it was quite common for mothers to send cupcakes and baked treats for their child to share with all of his/her classmates.

Many moons ago these parents didn’t have to get so creative with how their child would feel special while at school on their big day.

However, many moons ago these same children didn’t have nearly as many food allergies as the kids today. In fact, in the ’80s it was unusual if someone in your class did have a peanut allergy. These days, I have learned as a parent with a child who attends a public school that many classrooms only allow peanut free food in the class. This includes any cookies that may have been processed on a line with other nuts.

The teacher will inform you, there will be a sign on the door, and you will have to ensure your kid never has a snack that could harm the life of another child. And so, gone are the days when moms could bring homemade cupcakes for little Sally to share. Gone are the days of not having to be so creative with how to make your kids day special during class.

When my oldest was in kindergarten, I remember asking her teacher what other parents have done to celebrate their child’s special day. She said some parents bring in favor bags with non-food items or a game to share with the class. And while those ideas sound nice, let’s be honest here, kids just want sweets. That’s all any kid wants — sugar!

I am lucky in the sense that my children do not have any food allergies, and I can only imagine the fear those parents have with children who do have an allergy. I understand it is for the greater good that these foods with potential life-threatening ingredients do not enter the room, but I also know that many moms would prefer to send in a birthday treat with little Sally to make her feel special.

I also know that sugar is much cheaper than trying to stuff favor bags. Nonetheless, we have to do what is best for all. I appreciate that schools do accommodate these children who have food allergies. And I am sure the parents rely on the teachers and school staff to monitor and ensure their children are safe from allergic reactions.

And so, since my daughter’s birthday is at the end of December, she is always on winter break when her birthday comes around. Which means this mom doesn’t even have to bother with worrying about what cool thing to come up with for her to share with her peers. However, my littlest is born in May, and she’ll be entering kindergarten next year, so I’m not entirely off the hook, am I?!

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