4 Great Snacks For The Beach

I love a delicious snack in the summer. Something cool, refreshing, or fruit-based is is the best.


Here are a few of my favorite snacks for the beach. And, yes,  do bring popsicles to the beach because I have a simple cooler which works beautifully! 

1. Perfect Popsicles: I LOVE this post on making great popsicles, it is a very instructive on how to make terrific popsicles the whole family will love.

2. Chocolate Chip Oat Almond Bars: These delicious bars are great for the beach and are especially perfect for any gluten-free kids!

3. Parmesan Popcorn: A delicious salty snack, it always hits the spot at the beach and tastes so great with lemonade!

4. Strawberry Banana Quinoa Muffins: These delicious muffins are always a great snack and are perfect to make during strawberry season!