4 Great Quinoa Dishes

I am quickly learning how much I love cooking quinoa. There is no end to the ways I can dress it up and serve it to my family.


It is also terrifically healthy and gets doubly so, when all sorts of delicious vegetables and fruits are added in with it. There are also a lot of ways you can cook and bake with quinoa. I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface on those dishes. Quinoa flour? I bet it is amazing. Here are some really great ways you can cook with quinoa and learn to love it, too!

Quinoa Chicken Salad: (see image above) In a more traditional form, this quinoa is used to ramp up delicious, traditional chicken salad. This is a wonderful way to add more flavor and nutrients to your favorite summer lunch.

Quinoa Banana Chocolate Muffins: These awesome muffins are packed with nutrients from the banana and quinoa flour. The chocolate only adds to their appeal, but, don’t worry, it doesn’t undermine their healthy factor.



Quinoa Parmesan Burgers: Yes, quinoa burgers! Not quite the same burgers that go on the grill, but they are just as tasty. These are the perfect vegetarian alternative to beef burgers, and healthier as well.



Quinoa Pancakes: Quinoa is fantastic for breakfast, too. I know, I didn’t believe it could be used for breakfast either, but these are really delicious. Try making them for your family to ramp up the protein factor of your everyday favorite meal.