10 Easy Lunch Box Recipes My Kids Ask For Constantly

School’s back in session, and it’s one of my favorite times of the year!I love the new beginnings in the fall and starting fresh. After a summer of chaos, I love that I can get a few things done during the day while my kids are in school.

Something that is certainly not my favorite though is packing lunches and keeping things exciting. It goes well for the first couple weeks of school, and then I totally get stuck in a major rut. I’m sick of the food that I’m not even eating…I’m sure my kids feel the same way.

One of my goals this year is to plan for lunches in my grocery shopping and try out some new and interesting ideas and recipes. If you’re the same way as I am, here are some lunch box recipes that are easy to make ahead and stash in the freezer or fridge to help you mix up your kids’ lunch boxes this year.

More Lunch Box Ideas:



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