3 Ways to Eat Quinoa

I am relatively new to cooking quinoa, but I have found that it is a great backdrop for citrus, vinegar dressings, and all kinds of vegetables. It is also yummy tossed with more substantial protein like chicken or shrimp. If you are relatively new to quinoa here are three wonderful dishes you might love. They are all simple to make and full of terrific flavor the whole family will enjoy.

Quinoa Chicken Salad: (image shown above) This picnic friendly salad is perfect for summer. Or, you can omit the chicken or use cooked ham or tuna instead!



Pineapple Quinoa with Salmon: This amazing fruity quinoa is the perfect backdrop for a meaty fish like salmon or tuna. Served on its own the pineapple quinoa will be a huge hit with kids and adults alike.


altBanana Quinoa Muffins: Yes, you can bake with quinoa! These awesome muffins are healthy and delicious and perfect for little fingers!

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