5 Light Summer Dinners

Nothing heavy, nothing stuff, nothing that takes forever to cook in a hot kitchen. I just like simple, easy meal that comes together in a snap. I also tend to like things that are portable and might be great for beach picnics or buffets. Here are a few of my favorites. What is yours? —

1) Quinoa Chicken Salad: Who wouldn’t love this protein packed chicken salad. It is perfect for making ahead and can serve a family for both lunch AND dinner!

2) Spring Caesar Salad: There is nothing like a classic caesar salad. In this case I make a lightened up dressing and serve it with fresh grilled chicken. The perfect summer meal!

3) Parmesan Artichoke Burgers: Seriously, who wouldn’t simple adore these burgers. Easy to grill and packed with vegetables they are truly awesome!

4) Caprese Pasta Salad: There is nothing so delicious as a caprese pasta salad. Why not make this and serve it with some fish or chicken to make a great dinner for everyone. Or, pack it up and take it to the beach!

5) Fish Sandwich: A simple grilled fish sandwich is always a fabulous easy dinner. Light and easy, it can be made with your favorite fish!

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