Lunchbox Love From Home For Your Kids

A mini review of the Talkatoo:


Earlier in the school year, I sent my son a note in his lunchbox.  “I love you!”  He came home and admonished me for sending him such an “embarrassing” message. 

But at the same time he then commented that maybe I could send him with something a little cooler next time.

He’s in first grade and especially in the beginning of the year was still learning how to read, so I had to keep the messages simple for him to be able to read them.  I also had to get creative as I didn’t want to say anything that wouldn’t pass his “not embarrassing” test.  He loved it.  Each day he’d comment about my messages.

Then I found out about this neat little product called Talkatoo.  It can be either a charm that hangs off their backpack or lunchbox, or for girls it can be a necklace.  It’s a small product with a recorder inside so you can record your voice leaving the a voice message!  The kids can then play it back on the bus or at lunch or recess.

My son has gotten such a kick out of this product.  He knows how to erase and re-record.  He listens to my message on the morning bus and then he and his friends leave messages of their own.  It’s a lot of fun and I love that he gets to hear my voice telling him something encouraging each day.

Get a Talkatoo for $16.99 and you can get either a necklace or charm.  The designs are adorable.  My son has the green monster clip.