Edamame Sandwich with Carrots & Ranch Recipe


It turns out most kids don’t turn down edamame and carrots—especially with a bit of ranch dressing!

A few of weeks ago I was a “salad bar supervisor” at my first grader’s public elementary school. (It was so fun to get a glimpse of the goings on in the school cafeteria!)

I was interested in seeing whether the kids had much of an interest in the salad bar. While I admit the other parent and I had to lure them over, all kids who approached happily took edamame and/or carrots with a side of ranch dressing. These were the only bins that needed replenishing (more than once)! Sure, a handful of kids took other items here and there, but none of the other offerings could compete with the edamame and carrots!

I wasn’t too sure how an entirely veggie sandwich would go over with my boys, but I was pleasantly surprised! My four-year-old ate this right up! And my first grader, well, let’s just say I’m just pleased when he eats a few cooked carrots! Keep reading to see how I made this edamame sandwich with carrots and ranch dressing for my kids.

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