30 Creative (& Easy) Valentine’s Day Treats For School Parties

Half the fun of making Valentines with my girls is the nostalgia that kicks in while we create them. I remember being their age and the joy I felt while dumping out my Valentine’s Day box to see what cards I got from which kid. The class clown could always be counted on to contribute a goofy, pun-filled joke card. The artsy kid always gave some sort of colorful, cool treat. And, of course, I always wondered if my crush would add an extra little smiley face or hand-drawn heart on my card that he didn’t write on my friends’ cards. I’ll never forget the gross Garbage Pail Kids card I got one year.

Even now, I clearly remember my excitement during the class Valentine exchange. And I want my girls to have the same happy memories some day. So, we’ve made a tradition of crafting unique Valentines for their friends at school. Sometimes, we create little critters out of candy. Two years ago, my girls created watercolor hearts that they attached to lollipops. This year, I’m not sure what we’ll whip up, but this list of creative Valentine’s Day treats for school is definitely giving me some great ideas. Hopefully it will inspire you, too.


More Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids:

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