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Best Recipes Making Use of Leftover Cake

With the holidays over, we are sure you still must have some leftover cake from your Christmas or New Year’s party (especially if you ordered a grand, tiered cake). It could also be leftover from a wedding or a birthday party. With too many sweet treats over the holidays, devouring an entire cake might be too much for your taste buds. Plus, let’s be honest; having the same cake repeatedly can get a little boring.

With all the festivities over, the cake might be occupying precious space in your refrigerator, and you have no idea what to do about it. We have some of the best leftover cake recipes that are easy to make and delectable.

1. Cake pops

Cake pops are the easiest way to reuse your cake. You can even leave it to your kids to make this recipe for their friends at school. Just crumble the leftover cake, combine it with cream cheese frosting or buttercream, and knead the mixture until it all comes together. Shape them into little balls, stick them on lollipop sticks, coat them in melted chocolate, and decorate them with sprinkles. The cake is ready in a new avatar.

2. Cake shakes

This hearty dessert will take you back to your childhood days. Simply crumble the leftover cake and the frosting, and pulse it in a blender with milk and a couple of scoops of ice cream for a thick shake to relish with your kiddos. To make it fancy, drizzle some chocolate or caramel sauce on top (whatever goes with your cake’s flavor), add fresh fruits and a dollop of ice cream, and you are good to go.

Top Tip: Don’t even try to drink this with a thin straw. You need the thick boba straws to get anything in your mouth.

3. Brownie 

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You can bake a brownie with your leftover cake with no extra work. Divide your leftover cake into two batches, and blitz one batch in a food processor until it’s nice and crumbly. Then mix in the remaining and blitz until smooth. You will be left with a thick batter, which, when baked, will give you the fudgiest brownie ever!

Although the recipe tastes best with chocolate cake, you can also try it with other flavors. Add chocolate chunks or chips (whichever your kids prefer) to elevate the chocolatey goodness. Alternatively, you can mix some finely diced or crumbled leftover cake in your fresh brownie batter for a hint of texture. 

4. French toast

It might sound weird to make French toast from your leftover cake, but trust us, you will thank us later. Make an egg batter, coat the cake slices, then cook it on a frying pan until crispy on the edges (similar to how one makes regular French toast). There is no need to add in extra sugar. Drizzle some sauce, dust some powdered sugar, and your dish is ready. Sturdy cakes, like pound cake, work best for this recipe.

5. Custard cake

Make trifle with your leftover cake and serve it to your munchkins. They will fall in love with your cooking skills all over again. Pound cake works best for this recipe as well. Drizzle fruit juice on the cake and let it soak in the flavors. Arrange it on a tray, layer it with custard, fruits, and nuts (if it goes with the flavor of your cake), and refrigerate it for a few hours before serving it to your loved ones.

These leftover cake recipes are easy to make and delicious as well. Give your leftover cake a makeover with these recipes, and do let us know in the comment section below which recipe you and your kids enjoyed the most.

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