Top 6 Apps: Holiday Cooking

1. Kitchen Calculator Pro


Kitchen Calculator Pro easily calculates cooking conversions. It will also figure out conversions for weight, temperature and measurement.  How many pinches in a Tablespoon? Kitchen Calculator Pro has your answer!

2. Epicurious Recipe and Shopping List

Epicurious has a plethora of recipes and a nice selection of holiday themed recipes. Find recipes for Christmas cookies, holiday desserts, Hanukkah dinners, Kwanzaa recipes and more in this free app.

3. Kitchen Helper

Kitchen Helper contains hundreds of emergency cooking substitutions. How many times have you been in the middle of a baking project only to discover you’re missing an ingredient? There’s a good chance Kitchen Helper could lead you to an answer that’s already in your pantry.

4. Woman’s Day Cooking Assistant

This free app features articles and recipes from Woman’s Day magazine. Along with general recipes you’ll be able to find those especially selected for the upcoming holidays.

5. All Dinner Spinner

Need a party recipe that puts a new spin on Chex Mix? There’s a good chance the All Recipes Dinner Spinner will have it. The app pulls in recipes from the hugely popular website, Recipes have been rated and reviewed by people who have actually cooked them. That’s always a plus!

6. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies

This iPad app brings Martha Stewart cookie recipes into your kitchen. The app is beautifully designed and incorporates instructional video and tips in with the recipes. In addition to the cookie recipes you’ll also find ideas for packaging them up in a festive way that will make Martha proud.

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