Top 10 Malbec Wines Under $10

Originally from the Bordeaux region in France, the Malbec grape variety is now the most popular varietal of wine from Argentina.

Malbec wine is a full-bodied red wine that is rich and spicy with a deep dark color.  What I love most about Malbec wines from Argentina is the combination of a rich, full mouth feel with that soft silkiness normally associated with lighter wines.

I love a good Malbec for weeknight sipping and dining. Malbec gets along famously with a variety of dishes. Some of my favorite food pairings with Malbec wines are barbecue meats, rack of lamb, and spicy soups. Malbec also pairs well with Asian inspired dishes such as a beef and broccoli.


My Top 10 Malbec Wines Under $10 (in no particular order):

1. Alamos Malbec ~ A signature Argentina wine from the Mendoza region in Argentina. Smooth and supple, deep black/dark purple color, nose has pepper and black fruit flavors, soft tannins. Simple, fruity, yet spicy.

2. Valentin Bianchi Elsa Malbec ~ I love the balance in this wine. Rich and chocolaty with blackberry flavors and a spicy kick. A classic Malbec.

3. Tilia Malbec ~ I enjoy the spicy berry and cherry notes of this wine. It is full and rich, just like a Malbec should be. Tilia is also a great wine to sip on its own or enjoy with food.

4. Septima Malbec  ~ For the price, this might be my favorite out of this entire list. Dark, beautiful red color with hints of purple around the edge. This wine is silky, yet bold with smoky hints. The long finish is very nice.

5. Viñalba Malbec  ~ This Malbec is delicious for the price. It’s a medium to full-bodied Malbec that’s peppery with blackberry flavors. Love the longer finish of this Malbec.

6. Bodega Norton Malbec ~ This is a well known, popular Malbec wine. It is smooth, easy to drink and an excellent introduction to Malbec. My favorite part about this wine are the peppery notes.

7. Pascual Toso Malbec ~ I love the black fruit flavors of this Malbec as well as the bold smoky flavors. It is smooth and delicious with very nice structure and an excellent wine for the price.

8. Colores Del Sol Malbec ~ Another excellent Malbec for the price. This wine is rich and smoky with leathery notes. I love the deep reddish-purple color of this Malbec as well as the long finish.

9. Bodini Malbec ~ A very nice full-bodied Malbec. Dark, supple fruit with hints of smokiness are my favorite characters of this wine. This is another great introduction wine to Malbec.

10. Quara Malbec ~ This is a nice smooth Malbec wine. I love the dark cherry notes with hints of spice. The deep reddish/purple color is also beautiful in the glass.


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