15 Kid-Friendly Healthy Dinners with Five Ingredients or Less

Every so often life gets a little too hectic for trips to the grocery store. The cupboards get a little bare and the thought of packing the kids up and schlepping to the store is the last thing I want to do. My family can’t exist every night on takeout, though (and besides, getting everyone to agree on where we’re ordering from is a total nightmare). It’s these types of days that I turn to low-ingredient recipes for healthy dinners. With just a handful of ingredients—mostly pantry staples—it’s totally possible to get a dinner on the table despite not having a laundry list of ingredients on hand.

These are my favorite family-friendly meals that are super simple to make. Even better, these healthy dinners are not fussy and pack a huge amount of flavor. Check them out in the slideshow.


More Healthy Dinners and Recipes:

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