Kids in the Kitchen: Customized Nachos for Dinner

I absolutely love when my kids want to cook or help me cook. I’ve learned, though, that they get the most out of it when I let them be in charge (not easy for a somewhat controlling chef to do!). My goal for my kids in the kitchen is for them to learn about food and how to prepare it, and mostly to have fun! So I give them as much freedom as I can.  

My eleven-year-old son loves nachos, but not just any nachos. The cheese is only the beginning for him, as he adds a small list of his favorite foods on top. When he has friends over who might not like his particular list, I let them choose their own. It’s super fun, and everyone gets exactly what they like.


My son calls this particular customized nachos recipe Nachos 2.5—just because it sounds cool.

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