DIY Stuffed Crust Skillet Pizza For a Weekend Win

We are big pizza fans around my house and usually make it once a week. Generally I do a traditional thin-crust pizza on a pizza stone and call it a day, but thanks to Garfield the cat, my kids recently became obsessed with stuffed crust pizza. I know it’s a recipe that’s popular on the Pizza Hut menu, so I decided to do some research and make my own healthier, fake-out stuffed crust pizza recipe at home. Turns out, it’s crazy easy to make deep-dish stuffed crust pizza, and it’s super delicious. The kids loved helping me stuff the crust and, truth be told, making it in a cast iron pan is way less messy than flouring up my counter top and rolling out my thin-crust dough. This may very well be our new go-to pizza recipe. Win for mama! The kids approved, and I hope Garfield would too!

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