Garlic Bread Pizza, 3 Ways

veggie ranch garlic bread pizza

One of my favorite meals to make is homemade pizza because the combinations of toppings and recipes are endless. You can cater to any taste and make the whole family happy with just a few simple changes to a base pizza recipe. My go-to pizza has always been made with pizza dough, but recently I have been experimenting with new crust ideas. For a super simple, no-fuss crust, use garlic bread as your base! Here are my three favorite pizza recipes for garlic bread pizza.

garlic bread pizzas

Before I dive into the different pizza recipes, let’s get the garlic bread going. If I’m in a rush, I’ll take the easy way out and use a pre-packaged frozen Texas toast garlic bread loaf as the crust. It’s easily found in the grocery store’s freezer section. If I have a little more time, I’ll make garlic bread from scratch. Here’s my favorite recipe:

Garlic Bread Recipe


  • french bread: 1 loaf
  • garlic: 3 cloves
  • unsalted butter: ½ stick


Step 1: Slice your french bread lengthwise down the middle.

hands slicing french bread

Step 2: Mince the garlic cloves into tiny chunks.

hands mincing garlic

Step 3: Melt your butter, and then mix in your minced garlic.

adding garlic to melted butter

Step 4: Spread your garlic butter mixture onto your bread evenly with a brush or spatula.

spreading garlic butter blue spatula

Step 5: Bake at 350 degrees until bread is slightly crispy.

You can make as many loaves as you want by increasing the ingredients accordingly. I made a few and froze some to use later on. Now let’s get to the good stuff—pizza toppings!


Four-Cheese Garlic Bread Pizza

hand spoon marinara garlic bread pizza


  • garlic bread: 1 loaf
  • marinara sauce: 2 cups
  • shredded mozzarella: 1 cup
  • shredded parmesan: ½ cup
  • brie: 1 wedge
  • ricotta: ½ cup
  • dried basil: 1 tsp

hand sprinkling oregano on pizza bread


Veggie Lovers Garlic Bread Pizza

garlic bread pizza ingredients


  • garlic bread: 1 loaf
  • Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing : 1 cup
  • zucchini, diced: 1
  • onion, diced: ½
  • green pepper, diced: 1
  • artichoke hearts: 1 can
  • mushrooms: 8 oz
  • black olives: ¼ cup
  • mozzarella cheese: 2 cups

cheese on veggie garlic bread


Protein Lovers Garlic Bread Pizza


  • garlic bread: 1 loaf
  • olive tapenade for sauce: 4 oz
  • shredded mozzarella cheese: 2 cups
  • pepperoni, diced: ½ cup
  • sausage: ½ cup
  • pancetta: ½ cup
  • meatballs, diced: ½ cup
  • ham, diced: ½ cup

meat on garlic bread pizza


Steps for all pizzas:

Step 1: Dress your garlic bread with your sauce of choice. Be sure to get an ample amount of coverage and spread all over the loaf.

pouring ranch on garlic bread

spreading ranch on garlic bread

Step 2: Start with an initial layer of cheese as a binder, and then layer all other toppings, followed by a final sprinkling of cheese to hold it all together.

sprinkling cheese on garlic bread

veggie garlic bread pizza

Step 3: Bake at 350 degrees F until your top layer of cheese is golden brown and bubbly.

veggie ranch garlic bread pizza

hand dipping pizza in ranch

dad baby hands dipping

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