Light Enchilada Casserole Recipe

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty sure my mom invented the layered enchilada casserole (If you have evidence of this recipe pre-1973, please send it to me!). Layered enchilada casserole is much richer and yummier than is original, rolled counterpart. I completely understand why it’s become so popular in restaurants around the country. Plus, it’s WAY easier to make them that way! Are they better for your waistline, though? They actually are…at least a little!

The reason is that when you make rolled enchiladas you have to lightly fry the tortillas in oil first, to make them pliable. No rolling means no frying (though my mom still fries them, even for her casserole). That’s why her recipe has 100 more calories and 7 more grams of fat that the recipe you’d be served in a restaurant.

Having lost 73 pounds, I don’t indulge in enchiladas of any variety very often. I am always looking online for lighter versions of the recipes I grew up with. When I saw Weight Watcher Girl’s series of cabbage casserole recipes, I thought, “I could make an enchilada version of this!” The result? A casserole that tastes positively sinful, with a fraction of the calories and fat of the original. It’s also packed with veggies and the servings are HUGE. If you’re following Weight Watchers, ⅛ of this casserole is only 3 PointPlus.

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