15 New Sneaky Ways to Hide Veggies & Fruits in Kids’ Favorite Foods

Getting my preschooler to eat plenty of produce is often an uphill battle. She’s old enough to be able to reason with me that the jam on her toast is, in fact, fruit (which, technically, it is), and she likes to try to convince me that she should get dessert if she eats her vegetables. I don’t routinely make a big deal of what she decides to eat at dinner and instead I just give her plenty of healthy options to choose from. But still. I know that in order to stay healthy and feel her best, she should be getting lots of fruits and veggies each day.

Chances are if you’re in the same boat, you’ve tried most of the typical veggie-sneaking recipes out there. Sure, you can stir spinach into spaghetti sauce, but even the pickiest kids can sniff that trick out in 5 seconds, flat. For the pickiest of kids, you have to get super stealthy. For me, it’s turning to my daughter’s ultimate favorite meals and desserts to sneak fruits and veggies into—like chocolate chip cookies and alfredo sauce.


I love trying new recipes that are both delicious and pack in extra produce. These recipes hide veggies and fruits in classic kid foods, which means that you can feel good about what you’re serving your family—even if it’s Spaghettios, enchiladas, or brownies.

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