Throw a Yummy, First Day of School Dipping Dinner Party

 Ladies, I don’t want to get all crazy, but I’m pretty certain we’re entering into standing ovation territory with this first day of school dinner party I have for you today. Because here’s the thing: of course, we all want to do creative and fun stuff with our kids, but seriously, WHO HAS THE TIME, especially when school’s back in session?!?! Well, as of this moment, you do. (No, no, please hold your applause until I’ve finished.)


This is probably the world’s easiest dinner party because you can use whatever you have around the house (no trips to the store!), but you still get a big bang for your buck. (When my daughter came in and saw it she said, “Oh, Mom! It’s a ‘Fancy Nancy’ party!” which is about as high praise as you can get around our house.) What better way to celebrate your kids’ first day back at school with a festive and fun dinner, chock full of their favorite things?

elements for dipping party


  • Tyson® Fun Nuggets, which are all adorably dinosaur shaped and literally take 10 minutes to get ready (my dream food)
  • Sliced fruit and veggies
  • Any other kind of food you think might be fun for dipping, (We went with pretzels, but you could use chips or crackers or even skip this and stick with protein and veggies.)
  • An ice cube tray (Use the one you have in the freezer—we won’t tell.)
  • Cups to put the dippers in if you’re feeling fancy
  • Condiments (I went all foodie with Piccalilli and a fancy soy sauce; she ate the ranch dressing.)

chicken nugget and veggie party for kids


Step 1: Bake the Tyson® Fun Nuggets, put out the fruit and veggies and dip, and let them go to town.

See, what I mean? So easy, but so much fun. 

tyson chicken nugget party talking

The best part was how doing something so little made such a huge impact. Alice was laughing and chatting and kept saying, “I just love a good party, don’t you, Mom?” which is pretty much all a mom can ask for. 

eating chicken nuggets

This little guy got in on the action too, because turns out dinosaurs dipped in honey mustard are delicious. 

hand reaching for nuggets

This would be a great meal-in-a-flash one to do when you have lots of kids over too—you can prep it all ahead of time. It gets them eating a ton of veggies, and the all-natural ingredients in Tyson® Fun Nuggets make them not only a kid’s fave, but a mom’s fave, too. The chicken nuggets are crispy-crunchy on the outside and minimally processed on the inside—no utensils needed for this healthy party!

Plus, it took two secs to clean up. 

dipping party for kids

And because I am the best mom EVER, we took the dips into dessert with a couple of chocolate dips I just happened to have lying around the house, which are my husband’s, I swear. I’m happy to report carrots dipped in chocolate are quite the delicacy. 

ice cube dip trays   Chocolate on its own isn’t too bad either. 

tyson chicken dipping party

All in all, it was one of the most fun dinners we’ve had in a while, and I swear you don’t need a big trip to the store to get it together.

Which means now would be a perfect time for my standing ovation. 


This post was sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc.