11 Spooky Halloween Cakes

Halloween is upon us, and I’m all about the treats. I’ll probably be one of those short adults donning a costume and posing as a tween well into my forties if it means I can still go door-to-door and fill up a pillowcase (king sized, of course) with candy. I haven’t gone to those desperate lengths yet, because my girls are still small enough to go out and get candy for me trick-or-treat. So, for now, I’ll just play the role of adult tag-a-long. After that, I’ll have to get creative with fun, spooky ways to bring lots of sugar, sugar, sugar into our home all month long. These eleven spooky Halloween cakes are exactly the homemade answer my taste buds need. Some are sweetly spooky and others are unnervingly creepy. Either way, they’ll all be delicious in my belly. Nom nom nom!

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