15 Epic Summer Cupcakes to Bring to Your Next BBQ

One thing I have missed the most every summer since we moved to Minnesota is roadside snow cone stands. Seriously, we have plenty of eighty to ninety degree days. Where are the snow cones?!? When those kinds of blazing temps hit, I want all the summery goodness I can get. I never want to leave the sunlight. We’re outside all day errday, because my family knows winter can strike in Minneapolis at any moment. Soak it up while you can, kids.

That’s why we started experimenting with fun desserts this summer, and I’m willing to look past my town’s snow cone oversight. That’s fine. I’ll just take matters into my own hands this year. I’ve rounded up these epic summer cupcakes that are perfect for backyard BBQs, pool parties, and cozy cookouts. And guess, what? A snow cone cupcake tops my list. Check them out in the slideshow.


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