These 15 No-Bake Icebox Cakes Are Perfect For Summer

I loved, and I mean, L-O-V-E-D store-bought ice cream cakes when I was a kid. Now, I’m older and wiser, and I’ve fallen in love with another type of frozen cake: icebox cakes, made with cookies, cream, and a few other ingredients. They’re so easy to make, even my kids can help. The must-have ingredients (whipped cream and cookies) are so basic that there are an infinite number of flavor variations. Some are decadent and chocolatey. Others are fruity and light. And, of course, some of them focus on my favorite flavor profile, salty and sweet. And here’s the best part; no-baking required!

Want to make your own no-bake icebox cake this summer? Pick your favorite recipe in this gallery.

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