21 Spiralizer Recipes Kids (& Husbands) Will Actually Eat

it is not always easy to incorporate veggies when mealtime strikes at my house. So many of us are trying to be low carb, or low fat, or gluten free (or all of the above!) but when it comes to cooking dinner for picky kids (and sometimes a picky husband), it can be hard to find recipes that suit the whole family. 

That’s where the Spiralizer ($47, Amazon.com) comes in. Here’s the thing: it’s awesome. Suddenly I’m buying more vegetables, using more vegetables, and my kids are EATING more vegetables! Not to sound dramatic or anything, but a Spiralizer will change your life, and I’ve got a fantastic roundup of Spiralizer recipes that your kids (and yes, even your husband) will devour and even request to have again. Check them out in the slideshow.

More Recipes for Picky Eaters:


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