My Back-to-School Dinner Secret

As a mom who’s a chef, people typically assume my kids must be highly adventurous eaters. Not so! They’re kids, after all—they’re often picky and have a couple of demands when it comes to their meals. One, the ingredients must be easy to identify, and two, they must be very tasty. Enter Tyson® Fun Nuggets. (Oh, and did I forget to mention the meal must be fun…fun always helps!)


Tyson Fun Nuggets Review - Momtastic

With the return of school around the corner, I have to pull out all the stops. I wish I could say that my kids were looking forward to the first weeks of school, but truth be told, it’s not easy to switch from long, beach-filled days back to classrooms and homework. I do everything I can to help make this transition smooth. One of those things is to have meals waiting at home that the kids will really enjoy.  

Tyson Fun Nuggets Review - Momtastic

So when I say I pull out all the stops, I guess what I mean is that I pull out the Tyson® Fun Nuggets! When my quite picky eight-year-old son sits down for dinner and sees the fun nuggets on his plate, his face lights up, and I can always expect him to say, “Yum! You’re an awesome mom.” (I’ll take it!)

There’s an added perk for me here, too: when Tyson® Fun Nuggets appear on my children’s plates, they give very little thought to eating a side of broccoli or salad, and that, too, is gobbled right up. Clearly these all-natural chicken nuggets spread their magic and make everything on the plate better!  

Tyson Fun Nuggets Review - Momtastic

And what do I—as an adult and a parent—love about Tyson® Fun Nuggets? That’s easy: the ingredient list on the package! I recognize and can pronounce all of the ingredients, and I’m okay with all of them! 

Tyson Fun Nuggets Review - Momtastic

All-in-all, Tyson® Fun Nuggets are not just part of a tasty meal that kids enjoy, they’re also healthy. After a long day back to school, hearing my son tell me I’m an “awesome mom” is a huge win!


This post was sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc.