These Luscious Cinnamon Rolls Will Make You Want To Wake Up Early With Your Kids

Whenever I have a baby, my mom comes and stays with me for a couple of weeks to help out and she always makes gooey cinnamon rolls (they are almost worth having another baby for!). But these days, you really don’t have to spend hours messing around with tricky yeast and waiting for the dough to rise. There are plenty of quick and easy cinnamon roll recipes out there, not to mention so many different variations.

I took on the delicious task of rounding up some of the best cinnamon roll recipes the internet has to offer. From cinnamon rolls for two to cinnamon roll cookies there’s something for everyone. I was especially excited to see that you can make slow cooker cinnamon rolls. Um yes, come to mama! Find your favorite cinnamon roll recipe here.

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