Slow-Cooker Mango Rice Pudding for Breakfast

  • Breakfast can be such a hard meal to get right and so many of us resort to boxes of sugar-laden cereal that don’t fill the kids up and don’t provide the nutritional hit they need in the morning. The recipe for this one comes from the new breakfast cookbook by Mumtastic’s Stacey Clare‘Stace’s Quick & Healthy Breakfasts’. It’s full of quick breakfast recipes the kids and husbands will love. Stace is a qualified health coach and mum of two, so she totally gets it. Her recipes are simple, highly-nutritious and completely achievable for any harried mum (mornings suck, right?) Pop over and grab a copy.

    Too often in summer the slow cooker gets put away in favour of cooler breakfast options. I say drag it out and try this summery mango rice pudding in warm weather too.

    Slow-Cooker Mango Rice Pudding

    Slow-Cooker Mango Rice Pudding

    Breakfast can be such a hard meal to get right […]

    Prep Time:
    Cook time:
    Servings: 10


    • 1½ cups black rice, rinsed well
    • 2 tbsp vanilla bean powder
    • 2 x 400ml cans full fat coconut
    • cream
    • 4-5 cups water
    • TO SERVE:
    • 2 large mangoes, to serve
    • 1 cup toasted coconut,
    • to serve


    This recipe is shared from Stace's Quick & Healthy Breakfasts.

    Step 1: Pop the rice into the base of your slow cooker with the vanilla, coconut cream and water. Cook on low for 6 hours and use the ‘keep warm’ function on your slow cooker if you have the ability.

    Step 2: In the morning, check the pudding for consistency. You may want to add a little milk or water before serving.

    Step 3: If you need it, add a small drizzle of maple syrup but try the pudding without it as the mangoes are very sweet already.

    Stace's Tip: Play around with the rice you make this with – I often make it with brown or white but by far my favourite is the black variety. I adore black rice and it’s a perfect choice for this Thai inspired breakfast. Just adjust your cooking times accordingly. White will cook in half the time as black, and brown will cook somewhere in between.

    Overnight Mango Rice Pudding by Stacey Clare - A Healthy Mum

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    Images: Stacey Clare - A Healthy Mum