Easy Slow Cooker Cheesecake to Cozy Up To

  • It’s no secret that cheesecake can be a challenge to make – but I have recently discovered that the secret to perfect cheesecake is making it in a SLOW COOKER. Yup – your slow cooker isn’t just for making soups and stews! See, slow cooker cheesecake is super easy to prepare, plus it comes out perfectly cooked with less fuss than the traditional oven cheesecake. Your slow cooker’s slow-and-low cooking method allows the cheesecake to steam perfectly and create that custard-like texture. Of course, the graham cracker crust is just as important (to me, anyway), so I use a generous amount of graham cracker up the sides of the pan for a thick crust. It’s all about the crust-to-cheesecake ratio!


    The key to making this slow cooker cheesecake is how you cook it. With a little water and foil coils beneath the pan, you must cook the cheesecake on HIGH. Then you have to leave it OFF with the lid on to finish the cooking process, much like the traditional step of cracking the oven door with the cheesecake inside.

    Slow Cooker Cheesecake Recipe

    slow cooker cheesecake

    Slow Cooker Cheesecake

    It’s no secret that cheesecake can be a challenge to […]

    Cook time:


    • For the Crust:
    • graham cracker crumbs: 1 cup
    • butter: 3 Tbsp, melted
    • granulated sugar: 2 Tbsp
    • For the Filling:
    • cream cheese: 16 oz, room temperature
    • granulated sugar: 1/2 cup
    • all-purpose flour: 2 Tbsp
    • vanilla extract: 2 tsp
    • eggs: 2, room temperature
    • sour cream: 1/2 cup, room temperature


    Step 1: Lightly spray a 6-inch springform pan with cooking spray and set aside.

    Step 2: Fill a slow cooker with about 1/2 inch of hot water.

    Step 3: Crumple a piece of aluminum foil and shape into a coil. Set on the bottom of the slow cooker. This will help heat reach all the way around the cheesecake.

    Step 4: Grind the graham crackers in a food processor until fine. Add sugar and melted butter and pulse until smooth. Press the crumbs into the bottom and up the sides of the springform pan. 

    Step 5: Beat the softened cream cheese until smooth. Add the sugar and flour and beat well. Mix in the vanilla. 

    Step 6: Add each egg, mixing well between each addition. Lastly, mix in the sour cream. 

    Step 7: Pour the smooth cheesecake filling into the pan and lightly tap it on the counter to remove air bubbles. 

    Step 8: Place the pan on top of the foil coils in the slow cooker. Heat on HIGH for about 2 hours with a dish towel around the lid to collect the moisture. 

    Step 9: Once the cheesecake only has a slight jiggle and a thermometer inserted into the center reads 155 degrees F, turn the slow cooker OFF and leave the lid on with the dish towel for 1 hour. 

    Step 10: Carefully, remove the pan to cool and room temperature for about 1 hour. Then cover and refrigerate until ready to serve, at least 4 hours.

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