11 Incredibly Delicious Avocado Smoothie Recipes

Avocados are a true superfood. They’re essentially the only fruit that contains monounsaturated fat—the good fat. Avocados are also sodium, cholesterol and trans-fat free—and they’re delicious. A perfect food, if you ask me. Smoothies are a fabulous way to get avocados into your diet—and blended with all sorts of yummy ingredients, an avocado smoothie is a super tasty way to start your day. I’m lucky that my kids love the taste of avocados; my oldest son will even accept avocados on sandwiches in place of mayo. Most times, both of kids love avocado smoothies and are intrigued by how a sweet drink can be colored green (and other times, my kids don’t even realize avocados are in there!).

Check out my favorite healthy avocado smoothies in the slideshow.

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