Fairy Bread Brioche French Toast Recipe

french toast pastel sprinkles

My first introduction to fairy bread was when I was traveling in Holland as a teenager. The youth hostels all served it for breakfast because it was popular with the Australian kids. I couldn’t believe that toast with butter and sprinkles was considered an everyday food. In my house my mother would’ve considered it a very decadent treat to only be eaten on one’s birthday. These days I make it for my kids on special occasions, and they love it. I don’t mind it too much so long as it doesn’t become commonplace.

The last time I made fairy bread I made it as French toast. That worked well because I like my French toast nice and eggy with plenty of protein, so the sprinkles really just served as a garnish. I like to bake my French toast, so the sprinkles didn’t have to be fried at all. The kids love it. In fact, this is one way of eating fairy bread I can see becoming a little more frequent around here.

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