9 Healthy Pancake Toppings

9 Healthy Pancake Toppings that Make Pancakes WOWcakes

I like to think outside of the maple syrup bottle when topping my kids’ pancakes. There are so many super delicious options that taste even better. I’ve got nine healthy pancake toppings ideas to get you started, but don’t be afraid to tinker with your kids’ favourite flavours to come up with a WOW of your own. Here are some of our favourite pancake toppings for you to try (clockwise, starting from the top).

1. Sweet carrot cake. This topping couldn’t be easier – just grate a carrot, toss it with a little ground cinnamon and a sprinkling of sultanas before stacking it high, high, high.

2. Fruit salad, yummy-yummy. Cut your favourite fruit into circles and place them on top of each other, in size order. This topping is especially delicious when made with fresh fruit but is equally good when made with the frozen variety. We used apple, kiwi, strawberry and blueberries to make this beautiful stack.

3.  Choc-choc-chocolate. How good is it when you discover how to make a stereotypical ‘treat’ healthy? Get your hands on a healthy chocolate sauce (from the health food aisle of the supermarket) to make this beauty. Spread it (very) generously on your pancakes and top with a piece of top quality dark chocolate. Deeee-licious.

4. Lemon and sugar (done right). Thinly slice your lemon, so finely that you can eat the whole thing. Place on the pancake and top with a generous sprinkle of coconut sugar (substitute a small amount of caster sugar if you don’t have coconut) to enjoy a zesty and sweet delight.

5. Yoghurt and (real) chocolate. Get a probiotic hit while still tucking into something crunchy, sweet and oh-so-delicious. Top your pancakes with a good dollop of Greek yoghurt and seal the deal with a generous sprinkle of raw cacao nibs. These can be found in the health food aisle of your supermarkets.

6. Peanut butter and ‘nanas. Slather crunchy peanut butter on your pancake and top with a round (or two) of banana. Add a smidge more peanut butter and you’re hot to trot. Crunchy and sweet, the way pancakes should be.

7. Sweet strawberries and cream. While it’s not quite cream, it’s pretty close. A dollop of yoghurt topped with strawberries cut into love hearts is sure to keep any little princess (or prince) happy all day long.

8. Nuts and seeds crunch. Smear your pancakes with peanut butter and load with nuts, seeds and your favourite dried fruit. 

9. Bircher muesli mess. Keep your Bircher muesli in place by using a generous spoonful of Greek yoghurt. It will hold this energy-giving, ball-chasing, dinosaur-roaring muesli in place just long enough to be devoured by hungry little people.

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