The Healthy Green Juice Recipe My Kid Actually Loves

  • I’m a sucker for trends. Ripped jeans? Wearin’ ‘em. Broad City? Watchin’ it. And food trends? Don’t even get me started on how much kale I’m eating right now. Sure, it’s a fad and it tastes pretty ordinary by itself, but hey—more leafy greens in my life can only be a good thing. Fact. And when I make fresh green juice at home I really want all that gut-loving, sickness-fighting good stuff to be boosting my little one too—but it’s a bit hard when Miss Seven isn’t into the whole “eating vegetables” thing.


    Cue the only green juice recipe I’ve found that works for her and me.

    the green juice my kid loves by hipster mum

    Disclaimer: I’m no chef, doctor, or health and fitness anything—so please don’t go doing something silly like drinking this 24/7, serving it to super young bubs, or using it in place of formula. This is just a yummy recipe I made up. I hope your kids love it just as much as my bub does!

    The Green Juice My Little One Loves

    My bub isn't into eating her greens, but she'll gobble up this 4-ingredient juice!

    Prep Time:
    Servings: 4 cups


    • pears: 6–8
    • cucumbers: 4
    • lime: 1
    • kale/silverbeet: handful


    the green juice my kid loves by hipster mum

    Step 1: Chop all ingredients with skin on.

    Step 2: Throw into juicer.

    Step 3: Enjoy.

    the green juice my kid loves by hipster mum

    Image: Hipster Mum

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