4 Ingredient Green Smoothie Recipe Your Whole Family Will Love

  • When it comes to healthy smoothies, there are two camps of people: the "no greens in my smoothie" people and those who put greens in everything, including their smoothies. My family falls into the first category. However, after I finally realized that my kid was rejecting anything and everything green that I put on his plate, I tried to come up with ways to sneak the veggies into what he ate in ways he wouldn't notice (the same goes for my husband). So I played around with smoothie recipes until I finally got one that everyone loves. My son drinks it down like a milkshake, my husband loves it, and I even enjoyed a few during my super picky first trimester of pregnancy. Here is my recipe for the tastiest green smoothie ever.

    4 Ingredient Green Smoothie

    I finally concocted a healthy smoothie that's a hit with every member of my family!

    Servings: 2


    • frozen banana: 1 cut into pieces (It is easier to cut your ripe bananas first, then freeze them. You can use unfrozen bananas, but then you will need your spinach to be frozen instead.)
    • coconut milk: 3 cups (can use more or less depending on the texture you like for your smoothie)
    • peanut butter or sunflower seed butter if you are a peanut-free household: 2--3 tablespoons
    • fresh or frozen spinach: 2 cups (I basically just fill the rest of the blender pitcher with spinach.)


    tastiest green smoothie recipe ever

    Step 1: Add your ingredients to the blender in the order above). 

    Step 2: Pulse your blender on high until the ingredients are liquified. If you need more milk, or more frozen banana, add accordingly.

    Step 3: Pour into a glass, throw in a straw, and enjoy.

    It tastes like a peanut butter and banana milkshake---I promise! Cheers.

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