Halloween Snack: Apple Pumpkin Buttered Bread with Olive Spiders!

This cute, spooky, and healthy, Halloween treat, is a breakfast, lunch or snack your kids will love! 


The Apple Pumpkin butter and olives are certainly not an expected culinary combination.  I’ve found that kids who like black olives are happy to eat them anytime, with most foods. My seven year old, for example, will eat them with anything, as long as I allow him to top each finger with them, and when they’re in the form of a spider, they’re an even bigger hit!

Once you’ve mastered making the spiders you can put a few on top of macaroni and cheese, float a couple in a bowl of soup, or. top a deviled egg or oatmeal with one.  My kids definitely enjoy foods more when they’re shaped into cool things.  Don’t yours?  So use these olive spiders to add a little “scare” to your meals this Halloween season!



Serves 1

Spread the Apple Pumpkin Butter on the toasted bread and set aside.

To make the spiders:  Slice the olives in half, lengthwise.  Cut one half of each olive into 8 super thin slices, lengthwise. 



Place the whole olive halves, round side up, on the buttered bread, with 4 of the super thin strips on either side.  Place them any way you’d like.