Quick Cinnamon Sugar Donut Bites

I remember the first time I ever bit into a Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Bite. I was staying for a few days at my best friend from college’s house.


Her husband told us to sit back and relax one morning and that he would take care of breakfast. Not too long later, he came out with steaming cups of coffee, a plate of fresh fruit and these little bites of cinnamon sugar goodness.

I was instantly intrigued. First of all, how did he make homemade doughnuts so quickly? Second of all, how lucky was my friend to have a husband who knew how to cook such delicious things for breakfast?

I found out shortly after that Mark’s trick to yummy doughnut bites was all in canned biscuit dough. He simply took a can of biscuits, cut them into bite size pieces, fried for a couple of minutes and then tossed each doughnut bite into cinnamon sugar.

It may not be fancy, but these doughnut bites are certainly a wonderful, unexpected treat. Grab a can of biscuit dough (or make your own) and serve up some cinnamon sugar doughnut bites for your family today!

Recipe: Quick Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Bites


  • 1 can biscuit dough (can be found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store)
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • Vegetable Oil for frying


  1. In a small bowl, combine cinnamon and sugar. Set aside.
  2. Fill large, shallow pan with 1 inch of oil and heat oil to 370•.
  3. As oil is heating, use kitchen shears to cut each biscuit into bites size pieces.
  4. In several batches, carefully place doughnuts into the hot oil and cook for 2 minutes or until golden brown, turning to brown each side.
  5. Remove and toss immediately with cinnamon sugar mixture. Set aside and eat while still warm.
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