Weekend Family Breakfast Inspiration

Start a fun family tradition by gathering the family together for a sit-down breakfast one weekend day a week!

  1. The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine
  2. Mickey Mouse egg ring from Disney
  3. Milk-painted toast from Sunday Hotpants
  4. Placemats from Hello Hanna
  5. Breakfast table from Country Living
  6. Chalkboard decal from Wall Candy Arts

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet the reality of most of our mornings is go go go – which makes actually sitting down for a relaxing first meal of the day virtually impossible. So why not reserve one weekend morning a week for a slow-paced, still-in-your-PJs breakfast with the family? Start by planning out a menu ahead of time (you can even let the kids pick out what they want to help make, if they're old enough) and choose food that's healthy, but still special: whole-wheat pancakes and scones and eggs in fun shapes, for instance, are different from their weekday cereal and milk, but still good for them. Once you've got the menu set, write it out someplace visible in the kitchen the day before to create a buzz for the next morning. And don't forget to set the table to reflect the occasion – use fun placemats, linens, and bring out the good plates. This morning will be something your family looks forward to every week!