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7 Holiday Cookie Kits To Kick Off Baking Season

There’s something about holiday baking and decorating that really puts us in the Christmas (or  Chanukah) spirit. No matter what you celebrate, the next few months will likely be dominated by holiday cookies. Eating cookies, receiving cookies and of course decorating holiday cookies. But who has time to buy all of the supplies, bake and then decorate a truckload of holiday cookies from scratch? Not us. Luckily, there are some pretty amazing holiday cookie kits out there to fool anyone into thinking you’ve been in the kitchen all day making gingerbread and sugar cookie dough.

You can decorate an army of ninjabread men, create your own chocolate peppermint cookies, adorn some ugly holiday sweater cookies and more! All of these holiday cookie kits come with everything you need to express your festive spirit, so there’s no need to stock up on extra frosting or sprinkles.

DIY your own treats with these easy-to-use holiday cookie kits:

More Christmas Cookie Ideas:


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