Microwave Bacon Is Here & It Tastes Just As Good As The Pan-Fried Thing

When it comes to cooking, anything that saves time without sacrificing taste is a blessing in my book, which is why I’m going HAM over this mouthwatering new microwave bacon from Primo.

Yep, you heard me right – MICROWAVE. BACON.


Everything tastes better with bacon – this is an undisputed fact of life. Sandwiches? Better with bacon. Pasta? Better with bacon. Pancakes? Better with bacon (trust me on this one). And Primo have devised a way to cook tasty rashers of your favourite meaty snack in a mind-boggling 30 seconds without sacrificing any of that flavour you love.

I ain’t telling porkies, ladies.

Just take your bacon out of the packaging, pop it on a plate, cover it with a paper towel, microwave it for 30 seconds (as you listen to it crackle away) and BOOM! Snack time is GO.

Bacon that tastes just as good as if it came off a frying pan… without the frying pan oil splashback induced clean-up headache? This tasty invention may have just saved 2020’s bacon.

Grab it to try for yourself at your nearest supermarket in one of two handy sizes — 30g and 120g. Find out more, here.

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