Genius Mom Hack Makes Healthy Snacking Easier for Kids

As a mom of three, I often struggle to get my kids to each to eat healthily. If one kid loves brocolli the other one only wants granola bars. If I finally convince one to eat her carrot sticks then her brother will try feeding them to the dog. And on it goes. So, I’m no stranger to trying to find little tricks and hacks that will help encourage my kids to eat well without making me worry about how much sugar is actually getting into them.

One brilliant mom has finally figured it out. In an Instagram post that is ricocheting around the Mom-o-sphere, Sarah Hornung, a mom, and educator from Buffalo, New York, shared a brilliant image of the inside of her fridge. In the door, she keeps old plastic quart jars that are each filled with snackable veggies and fruits, yogurt tubes, and cheese sticks. The best part? Her kids get free range to choose what they want.

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And that’s the hack – giving kids the power to choose plus they get to raid the fridge, something most kids are constantly told not to do.

“Sunday self-serve is ready for the week,” her post starts. He explains to followers how once a week she washes and preps healthy foods for her kids to choose from. The picture shows how she organizes the bins in her fridge door and she points out that when not being photographed, her food is covered with lids. The ready-made fresh foods at hands reach is perfect for grabbing snacks on the go, packing lunches, and even throwing together a quick side dish for dinner. Not only that but by having healthy foods available kids are being encouraged to eat right and make good choices about not only what they eat but how much.

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Hornung also points out that when she buys baby carrots and leaves them in the plastic bag, her kids won’t touch them. That’s pretty darn relatable, my kids won’t touch anything that doesn’t look easy to eat either. With the amazing array of fresh vegetables and fruits to choose from at farmers’ markets and grocery stores, it is easy to come up with different versions of this hack to make sure kids are feeling empowered to eat great foods.

Well done, Mama!

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