My Mom’s Wine Jelly Will Be Your New Favorite Thing

  • People don’t just flock to my house when my mom comes to visit because they’re being neighborly: they know she’ll be there with a box of homemade wine jelly she’ll happily let them pluck a jar (or two) from. Surprisingly easy to make, this sweet (and alcohol-free, once cooked) treat is a gift that always goes over well. And today I am sharing the recipe with you.


    Whether you’re looking for a special hostess gift with a personal touch, a favor to give during a wine tasting party, or an inexpensive little something that makes a statement to hand over to a crowd when lots of family gather during celebratory times, this wine jelly fits the bill.

    Any wine will do—yes, even the cheap stuff—so simply decide which color you’re going for (pretty pink, deep red, a clear golden yellow), break that bottle open, and get to work. Each batch makes about half a dozen jars, so feel free to use the old, “one for you, two for me” method of gift-giving. You can thank me (and my mom) later. No special equipment needed other than 5-6 (8 oz.) jelly jars and a wide-mouth funnel.

    My Mom’s Wine Jelly Recipe


    Wine Jelly Recipe

    People don’t just flock to my house when my mom […]



    • white sugar: 4 cups
    • wine: 1 2/3 cups
    • lemon juice: 2 Tablespoons
    • 3 oz. fruit pectin: 3 oz.


    Step 1: Wash jars, lids, and funnel in warm, soapy water. Rinse, then pour boiling water into the jars to sterilize. Dry upside-down on a towel.

    Step 2: In a large, heavy saucepan, combine sugar, wine, and lemon juice. Heat over high heat until mixture comes to a boil, stirring occasionally.

    Step 3: When it has reached a full, rolling boil, add the fruit pectin.

    Step 4: Bring to a boil again, stirring constantly. Once at full boil, remove saucepan from heat.

    Step 5: Skim off as much of the foam as you can with a large spoon.

    Step 6: Carefully pour evenly into jars using a wide-mouth funnel. Place lids on jars, then caps.

    Step 7: Hold very hot jars steady with a towel or oven mitt and tighten the caps.

    Step 8: Turn jars upside-down for two seconds, then turn right-side-up and set aside to cool.

    Once jars are cooled to room temperature, the decorating can begin!

    Cut squares of colorful fabric with pinking shears just big enough to cover the top and sides of the lid, then use bright rubber bands to secure them in place. Write the kind of jelly (rosé, cabernet, pinot, etc.) and your name on an address label or fancy canning label, then attach it to the side or top of the jar. Viola! DIY gift-giving level unlocked.

    Serving Suggestions:
    Know your cheese and wine pairings? Pair your jelly with a cheese that complements it and add them to the top of a cracker. Delicious on toast or bagels in the morning, too!