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Stress-Free Savory Crock Pot Recipes

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With the Christmas festivities just days ahead of us, most are in a crunch to plan for this once a year celebration. From the Christmas gifts to the house decorations, we are all busy preparing for this special day. And with our busy days, many are worried that we won’t have enough time to prepare good dishes that can satisfy the taste buds of our guests.

Be it a relative asking to be picked up from the airport or the need for additional wines in the cupboard, there will always be a last minute errand to do on Christmas day. Kick the worries away and have a stress-free holiday with your family. Enjoy more bonding and fun times with the kids. Survive the Christmas cooking and let Mrs. Crock Pot do the magic. From appetizers to main course to desserts, here are several tasty slow cooked dishes that will surely help you have an easy breezy holiday celebration.

Cherry Barbeque Meatballs

 Welcome your guests with this simple five-ingredient starter. Perfect for busy moms like me, this recipe is easy to prepare and will not require a lot of cutting and slicing. Most of the ingredients are available at local stores so there won’t be a challenge serving this one.

Whisk one bottle of ready-made barbecue mix with chipotle peppers and a jar of preserved cherries. Add in a tablespoon of canned adobo sauce. Bring the mixture to a boil and add in the pot the meatballs. From heat to medium fire, simmer the meat and stir occasionally. Let the meat and the sauce stay in the crockpot for 45 minutes to an hour. Serve while warm.

Slow Cooked Little Sausages

This crockpot appetizer will be a sure hit at your Christmas party. Depending on the preferences of your guests, you can make a spicy version or just the plain one. Serve it with chopped bell peppers on the side to make the dish more dashing and appealing.

Brown the sausages on the skillet. Once done, transfer these into the slow cooker and add in a cup of chopped onion, a cup of chili sauce, half cup catsup and a cup of apple jelly. Mix them well and cook for three hours.

Split Pea Soup

A good comfort food for everyone, this simple and affordable slow cooked recipe will definitely get the stress out of your shoulder. With the mix of veggies and a little bit of bacon and sour cream, it will bring out the southern taste in most of us. Just prepare the ingredients ahead of time and voila, you will have a sumptuous and healthy split pea soup to greet your guests.

Layer the dried green split peas, diced ham or ham hocks, sliced carrots, chopped onion and celery in a slow cooker. Add in the minced garlic, large bay leaf and a half cup of chopped parsley. Season with black pepper and salt. Pour in the vegetable stock or hot water to cover the veggies. Cover the pot and set to high. Cook for five hours and serve with a slice of garlic bread to compliment the taste.

Homemade Pineapple Glazed Ham

Save money and time. Why rush to the grocery store to have the star of your Christmas on the table when you can have your own homemade version of pineapple glazed ham. Get your slow cooker ready and start the cooking.

Put a boneless ham in a slow cooker safe bag. Add in the flour and shake to cover the entire meat. Mix the pineapple juice, reserved pineapple, cornstarch, lemon juice, ground cinnamon and apple jelly in a saucepan. Cook and bring the mixture to a boil. Once done, add in the sauce to the ham and put the cooking bag in the crockpot. Set to low and let it cook for 10 hours. Serve while the ham is tender and hot.

Braised Pork Loin

Another mouthwatering main course to serve on Christmas day is the braised pork loin. To start with, just season the meat with salt and pepper, sliced garlic and sage and thyme. Cover the pork loin with flour and place it in a crockpot. Add in a cup of chicken broth and ¼ cup of white wine. Set to low and the dish will be ready in eight hours.

Apple Dump Dessert

Expect your oven to also be in action during the holiday. However, there is nothing to be bothered about as your slow cooker is also perfect for your dessert job. An easy-to-prepare dessert, the apple dump cake will surely melt the heart of your sweet-toothed guests.

Ready the bite-sized apple slices and carefully place them in the crockpot. Sprinkle the fruits with sugar, cinnamon, oats and add in the dump cake ready mix. Place a stick of butter on top and set the cooker to low and cook for 5 hours. Drizzle with caramel or chocolate syrup and serve.





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