15 Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches to Help You Win the Morning

We all want to make a habit of eating a real breakfast more often, but busy mornings can prevent that from becoming a reality. There’s a solution for this and it comes down to what you can make ahead of time. I’m talking low-effort, big-impact make-ahead breakfast sandwiches that deliver a week of meals or more.

I have a hard time focusing on any task before my morning cup of caffeine but I feel a slight tinge of mom-guilt whenever I send my daughter off to school with something resembling a pop tart.  These make-ahead breakfast sandwiches are prepped in advance and then they hang out in the freezer until they are ready to be heated and devoured. My daughter starts her day with something healthier and I can pat myself on the back because her breakfast was made with love.


From comforting egg and cheese English muffin sandwiches to healthy veggie packed burritos, these make-ahead breakfast sandwiches are going to wake up your tastebuds with minimal morning prep.

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