Cider Roasted Chicken Recipe

One-Dish Cider Roast Chicken Recipe

Cider Roasted Chicken

There is truly something magical about throwing ingredients into a big baking dish, pouring over some cider before roasting and then having nothing much more to do. There may look like a long ingredients list for this roast chicken recipe, but honestly? This is pretty much a weekly meal in our house. Served up with cous cous and a side salad, it also works well to serve when people come for dinner as it can feed a crowd and is child friendly.*

Aside from the complex sweet and salty flavours which form as this dish roasts and the ingredients melt together, the thing I like most about this recipe is one dish. Dinner dishes are not my thing, give me a meal that requires one dish and I’m pretty much sold. We don’t get much of a winter in Brisbane, but as the weather finally cools and red wine replaces apple cider as the drink of choice, the cider goes into this warming winter meal instead. It’s a combination of a few roast chicken recipes I have had over the years, including one from Natalie of Tea for Six

Cider Roasted Chicken Recipe

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