5 Easter Themed Games For PreSchoolers

It’s no secret that children get excited about Easter. They enjoy coloring eggs, waiting for the Easter bunny and eating lots of candy.  One way to channel that excitement is by playing Easter themed


The best Easter themed  preschool games are not only fun, they incorporate  age-appropriate basic concepts that add educational value. Whether the games involve making educated guesses, reviewing numbers or encouraging fine or gross motor development, Easter provides a great opportunity for preschoolers to learn through play.

What’s shaking?

Hide small, familiar objects inside of pull-apart plastic eggs. Have the kids shake the eggs and try to guess what’s inside.

Clean the jelly beans. 

Attach 12  brightly colored balloons to a large piece of foam board. Place a piece of tape on the floor for the kids to stand behind.  Give each child a turn shooting a water gun at the balloons as they try to clean the jelly beans.

Basket toss.

Place a basket on the floor and encourage the kids to toss plastic pull-apart eggs into the basket. To make the game more difficult, have the kids move farther away from the basket.

Egg match.

Take 12 plastic pull-apart eggs and number each egg 1-12 on both halves of the egg. Write the numbers 1-12 inside of an egg carton. Break the eggs apart and have the kids match the eggs together by number. After the eggs are together have them put them in the corresponding spot in the egg carton.

Chick, chick, bunny.

If you have a group of kids, try playing this game which is a twist on Duck, Duck, Goose. While this game can be played in a large open indoor area, it may be best for outside play.

Easter bingo.

Cut out a large egg shape from cardstock and make your own bingo cards. Outline a grid and across the top of the egg and write an Easter themed word like Spring.  Draw Easter themed pictures like a basket, bunny, flower and candy bar inside the grid. Give the children small candies like M&Ms to cover their pictures when you call them out. The first one to say “Easter Bingo” wins.

As you play with your preschooler, remember you are his first role model when it comes to learning how to win and lose gracefully. Be sure to set a good example.

What Easter themed games to you play? What games do your children enjoy? Share your ideas in the comments section.