Mom Births Heavyweight: 15 Pound Boy

Heaviest Baby BornAccording to The Guinness Book of World Records the biggest baby ever born came into the world in 1879, when Ann Bates of Canada delivered a 23 pound and 12 ounce baby who tragically died just eleven hours after birth.

Fast-forward to California in 2014, when 28 year old Vanessa Cervantez's son Andrew Jacob was delivered by cesarean section in January, weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds and 2 ounces.

The baby boy was immediately sent by air flight from Desert Valley Hospital to Loma Linda Children's Hospital for careful monitoring, since he initially had some difficulty breathing on his own.

When doctor's told the new mother how much her son weighed, she was in disbelief and truly astonished. Baby Andrew outweighs 2013's largest baby by more than a full pound. Multiple media reports say that last year's heavyweight newborn champion was a healthy 14 pound infant born in Utah.