Michigan Bans the Use of Insurance for Abortions, Except Maybe in the Case of Rape, Sometimes

Joining eight other states within the US that have passed similar measures, the Michigan House and Senate passed a bill yesterday that bans private health insurance coverage for abortion. Women who wish to be covered will have to purchase a separate rider, meaning in order to be covered, a woman would have to anticipate the need for an abortion. (Sounds like pretty bad karma to me.) The fact that even victims of rape or incest would not be covered (unless having purchased a separate rider) has spurred opponents of the bill to nickname it the "rape insurance bill" because one would have to predict the incidence of rape to gain coverage to abort a subsequent pregnancy. Proponents of the bill say that it allows pro-lifers to avoid paying into a health insurance plan that covers a procedure they don't support.

Michigan Senate Minority Leader, Gretchen Whitmer, vocalized her dissent and said this bill “tells women who are raped … that they should have thought ahead and bought special insurance for it.”


Governor Rick Snyder, a Repubilican also objected to the bill sayiing he doesn't think "it's appropriate to tell a woman who becomes pregnant due to rape that she needed to select elective insurance coverage."

What do you think?