Why I’m Glad Emily Lett’s Abortion Video Went Viral

I like that Emily Lett's abortion video went viral. She's the 25-year-old abortion counselor that filmed her own abortion. I'm also a woman who documented her unplanned pregnancy (and later wrote a book about it). I was 25 at the time, so it's the black-and-white version of having the baby—or not. Christine vs. Emily. 

Like Emily, I knew I would face criticism. I was called "Knocked Up" and every other negative, mean word there was to describe an unmarried pregnant woman. Same as people who have seen Lett's video—they called her a whore and baby killer. You know what I say? This is just hatred and I'm about conversation and education—that's why I chose to share my story with Glamour magazine—a giant platform—to help women. 


A lot of my parenting blogs have gone viral. It's invigorating, but it comes with a great deal of responsibility. To this day, women write me to say thank you for showing them an unplanned pregnancy isn't the end of the world—it's the beginning of a life. 

So, Emily is doing the same thing for women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want info on abortion. This legal medical procedure doesn't sound pleasant, but Emily is pretty calm and cool about it. She even giggles, "K, I'mmmmmmmm pregnant." And in doing this, she's showing us, that everyone doesn't have to flip out over an unplanned pregnancy or act crazy and scared. There are options. 

During the procedure she hums and showcases the support she receives from the medical staff. When the procedure is done, she's happy and excited. The video proved one woman's experience with abortion wasn't scary, traumatic or full of regret. That's important. That is the stuff of good conversation and debate, not to be confused with hate. 

When I was pregnant, I turned to Rebecca Wolfe's memoir Rockabye and her blog Girl's Gone Child. Both helped me realize that I wasn't the only young woman to go through an unplanned pregnancy and feel, well, freaking scared and happy AT THE SAME TIME. Rebecca didn't sugarcoat anything. I was right there with her as she sobbed on the bathroom floor, surrounded by positive pee sticks and I related to it.

Women need to hear these stories. All the stories.