One Syllable Girl Names

Whether you’re looking for short girl names to pair with an ultra-long last one, or you just like the no-fuss feel of a single syllable, these one syllable girl names will do the trick. Here’s something else: Short girl names also make wonderful middle names. That’s how my daughter got the middle name Jean!


A regal name that’s been used for many a European monarch and the beloved Anne of Green Gables, Anne also has a lovely meaning—“grace.”



There are many one syllable girl names out there, but this one has attracted lots of attention ever since Beyonce and Jay-Z picked it for their first-born daughter.


Of all the short girl names out there, this is one of our favorites. It means happiness! Sign us up.


Most closely associated with the famed singer and Oscar-winning actress, Cher means “dear.”


A top 50 baby name, Claire means “clear,” and is typically associated with Christian saints.


The bird that symbolizes peace makes a lovely, calm baby name for your daughter.


A name that literally means “she,” Elle has lots of chic cache behind it—it’s linked with a fashion glossy, supermodel Elle McPherson, and of course, Legally Blonde character Elle Woods.


The Biblical first woman has a name that means “life” itself—and is coming back into vogue.


This baby name packs a positive meaning and a virtuous vibe.


A fresh take on the botanical baby name trend, Fern was the human heroine of kid-lit classic Charlotte’s Web.


Silver screen legend Grace Kelly (Princess of Monaco) gave this virtue name a glamorous vibe.


Greer is a Scottish name that means alert and watchful. It’s most closely associated with the silver-screen era actress Greer Garson


Hope is a lovely sentiment—and a timeless girls’ name. It’s currently in the top 250 names in the U.S.


This gem shares its name with the popular, green-hued precious stone. Jade is currently nearing the top 100 most popular names in the U.S.


Jane is no longer so plain, when you think of all the amazing people who’ve sported the name — royal Janes Grey and Seymour, classic author Jane Austen, journalist Jane Pauley, and scientist Jane Goodall, just to name a few.


Your baby doesn’t have to be born in the first month of summer to sport a summery moniker like June.


Not just another name for a road, Laine could be considered a shorter way to pay homage to an Elaine in your life.


A scenic baby name, Lake is linked with the serene bodies of water, and with classic actress Veronica Lake.


This pretty songbird name gives off a carefree vibe (think “on a lark”).


Often used as a middle name, Lee or Leigh, which means “meadow,” can also make a lovely first name.


This is one of those short girl names that’s impossible to adore — one syllable of pure love.


No matter how you spell it, May/Mei/Mae is a beautiful name.


This sweet Irish name was given to the queen of the fairies—and means “she who intoxicates.”


This pretty name is the English version of the Irish name Niamh, and shares its meaning—“snow.”


The Paige spelling is more common of these two soundalike names. It’s one of the few occupational names that are more common for girls.


Pretty Paz turns the Spanish word for “peace” into a sweet baby name.


This classic name is popular as a middle moniker — but it’s a perfect pick for either spot.


A word for wise, and for a fragrant herb, makes for a stylish baby name that’s currently on the rise.


This scrappy-sounding short girls’ name was popularized by Harper Lee’s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird.


An Irish classic that works for boys or girls, Shea/Shay means “stately.”


Tess, a common nickname for Theresa, offers a more stylish way to pay homage to an ancestor bearing that name. The name means “harvest,” and its biggest claim to fame is the novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles.


Consider this one of the coolest of the virtue names.


This one syllable girl name is linked to the sweet little song bird.

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