Pre-Baby Bucket List: 31 Things Every Couple Should Do Before Having a Baby

I remember when it was just us: Me and my honey, so cute and in love and making pretty much everyone around us gag from adorableness exposure. Being a twosome is a lot of fun; we were always up to something, making memories, laughing at private jokes. Then we had kids (also fun), but it really does change everything.


We smugly said, “Oh, I think we’ll be different” and knowingly grinned at one another when parent after parent told us to enjoy our time as it was then, for it wouldn’t be quite the same once we became breeders. Now a decade later and with two kids under my belt, I am one of those parents warning cute couples to do things while they can. Like sleep, ever, and call your partner by his first name on the regular.

This is why I’m here now, telling you lovely, optimistic, well-rested childless folk to LISTEN TO EVERY WORD I HAVE TO SAY about these things to do before baby comes. I’ve heard stories from friends and family members over the years about the difference before and after kids that would make your eyeballs pop right outcha sweet innocent face and fall into that French-sounding soup you bought at the overpriced farmer’s market you attended last weekend on a whim with your main squeeze. Partnerships can absolutely remain wonderful no matter how big a litter of people pups you end up having, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cherish certain twosome activities while you can. So, please, consider this a pre-baby bucket list for you to make your way through before having a baby. I’d hate to have to say, “I told you so.”

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