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Congratulations! You’re having a baby. It’s going to be a wonderful whirlwind. And there is so much to do, learn, and enjoy.

If you’re like me when I was expecting my daughter Ava Grace, you’ll be changing your diet and your beauty routine a lot over the next few months. Getting nutrient-rich meals figured out and dealing with changes in your body can be tricky. But, these recommendations can help. I’ve made a list of some of my favourite beauty products, ingredients and foods to keep on hand throughout your pregnancy.

1. Shea butter. Pure, raw shea butter was my moisturiser of choice throughout my pregnancy. I’ve found it to be much more hydrating than traditional lotions, and I love that it only contains one ingredient! My personal favorite is 24 Karite.

2. Natural teas. Red raspberry leaf tea is great when you’re expecting, as it’s widely thought to ease morning sickness and aid in preparing your body for childbirth. Relaxing chamomile is great for winding down at the end of a long day, and Mother’s Milk tea, taken once your baby arrives, is a years-old blend said to help with lactation. Many popular tea companies sneak additives and pesticide-treated fruit flavors into their teas, which is why I prefer the high-quality herbs and choice blends of Traditional Medicinals teas. They’re organic and made from quality ingredients!

3. Pure organic oils. Almond, grape seed and vitamin E pure organic oils are great for all over the body. I also have essential oils such as lavender and peppermint around the house, because they’re cure-alls for so many different things. You can combine them with a little water to make a natural disinfectant or your own mosquito repellant. You can even add a few drops to a wrapped-up wash cloth for a DIY dryer sheet that’s completely natural.

4. Coconut oil. Coconut oil is my ultimate favourite — it’s so versatile, and I use it for everything! I apply it to my skin, hair and nails, and I use it as shaving cream. You can also experiment with oil pulling (swish it around in your mouth for a whiter smile and to draw out toxins), or use it instead of olive oil for cooking.

5. Filtered water. Because fluoride is in most Australian tap water and babies have a primarily liquid diet, newborns can ingest an unbelievable amount of fluoride if their formula is mixed with tap water. And it doesn’t stop there; some tap water has chlorine in it, too! Be sure to have filtered or spring water on hand to avoid fluoride entirely and stay super hydrated before your baby arrives. Buying large fridge-sized spring water dispensers at the supermarket works well. For a more permanent solution, you may consider installing a water filter in your home. That way, you never have to think twice about what your family is drinking.

6. Iodine-rich foods. Iodine is an essential trace mineral that plays a key role in thyroid function, which regulates metabolism. It’s also an essential nutrient for women during pregnancy; it promotes healthy brain development, according to a recent study. Seafood that isn’t high in mercury, sea vegetables and dark, leafy vegetables are all good sources. 

Once your baby is born, you’ll want to keep up lots of these healthy habits to feel great for your baby; check out my post-baby eating plan.

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